Transparent. Ethical.


As Ward 5 Council Member, I’ll bring a world of experience to Reno City Council.

I’m running on a three-part platform:

Transparency and Ethics in Government

      • My background in journalism has instilled in me a deep belief that democracy depends on open meetings, public records, and meaningful public input on matters of public interest.
      • I have spent almost 20 years as an Ethics Professor, teaching my students how to set aside self-interest and do the right thing for their community. This is a core value I’ll bring to City Council.

Commitment to Service

      • I’m a public servant by nature. From the Peace Corps and non-profit Civics Education in Washington, DC to public universities, I’ve dedicated my talents to building a better world. I look forward to building a better Reno.
      • If elected, I will serve the full four-year term. Running for public office implies a commitment to serve in public office. I will not run for “higher” office or leave office for more lucrative employment.

Healthy Community

      • I’ll bring my expertise in health and wellness to decisions for the future of Reno.
      • When I talk about health, I mean health in the broadest sense – the healthy community and environment we all need and deserve in order to live our best lives.
      • Let’s build a Reno that works for everyone – with happy human places like well-resourced parks, safe streets, adequate housing, clean air and water, and healthy food systems.

As Reno City Council Member for Ward 5, I’ll be accountable to the citizens of Reno Ward 5. I’ll listen to your concerns and I’ll work collaboratively with governmental partners and private stakeholders to meet the needs of the people of Reno.

It’s not about me. It’s about Us. Join me.

Sheila Browning-Peuchaud, Ph.D

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Thriving in Ward 5

We feel so fortunate to raise our family in Reno! We are active in athletics, the arts, and the outdoors. My husband, a proud naturalized American from France, is a legal technology consultant. My son is a WCSD Honors Student, Eagle Scout, and Athlete. My daughter is an 8th Grader at Clayton Middle School, an Avid Reader, and a Ballerina.

Sheila’s Journey to Reno



I grew up in Michigan, the youngest of eight in a loud, funny, Irish-American family. I’m the one in the baptismal gown.

University of Michigan (1999)

I graduated with a double major in Asian Studies and Creative Writing. I worked as a bus driver, resident hall staff, and as a tutor in a local school.

Peace Corps Volunteer


I served in Turkmenistan, part of the former Soviet Union, teaching English in a secondary school.

U.S. Fulbright Fellowship in Japan (2005)

I researched Japanese Pop Culture Feminism and gave birth to my son.

University of North Carolina (2010)

This is an accurate representation of how it felt to earn a Ph.D as a young mother.

Moved to Reno to take a job at UNR (2015)

My family came to Reno so I could take a position at UNR. When we arrived in Reno, we went straight to the Arch. My daughter, then 5, said, “"It's so beautiful! The whole city is like a sparkly planet!”

Journalism Educator (2002-2021)

I taught my first undergraduate journalism course shortly after 9/11. Over two decades, I taught Principles of American Journalism, Media Ethics, Media and Society, and many other courses. I also won a National Award for teaching Diversity.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

When is the election?

The primary is June 11th, 2024. A second general election will take place on Nov 4th, 2024.

How can I register to vote?

To register to vote in Washoe County, NV, fill out a voter registration form available online or at local government offices like the County Clerk's office or DMV. You can submit the form by mail, in-person, or online.

How can I support you?

You can help me out in two awesome ways: by donating your time or your money. Our team will be in the Northwest, chatting with neighbors and listening to their concerns. Your financial support covers our campaign marketing costs. Plus, give my posts a like and share on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks a bunch for your support!

How do I find out which Ward I live in?

Here is a map of the newly redistricted wards. If you click on the map you can see a comparison of the 5-Ward map and the new 6-ward map on the city of Reno website.

How can I reach you to discuss issues that are that are important to me and ideas for building healthy community in Ward 5?

You can reach out to me directly at

Let’s bring a breath of fresh

air to Reno City Council.

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for Ward 5

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